Motorsport Network is the digital media market leader at the heart of the motorsport and automotive industries.

We are the comprehensive way for brands to reach and engage the global motorsport audience.

Leveraging our technology, customer intelligence and brands, we add value for our community of millions of fans and enthusiasts of motorsport and automotive around the globe, through our full spectrum of news, insights, events, tickets, experiences, video content, games and esports.


How we diversify our product offering.


61+ million

monthly digital users

20 million

social media followers






In German-speaking region (GSA) we operate the following portals:

Largest German-speaking motorsports portal

Largest German-speaking Formula 1 portal

German edition of the largest global motorsports portal

Within the Top 5 largest German-speaking automotive portals

German edition of the largest global portal about electric vehicles


"BLECH REDEN" is an automotive podcast about the automotive highlights and lowlights of the week

Through our cooperation with Germany's largest sports podcast platform meinsportpodcast.de, we offer additional marketing options for the following podcasts:

Starting Grid is the most popular Formula 1 podcast in Germany

"Schräglage" is a podcast about the Motorcycle World Championship (MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3)


3,2 million

monthly digital users

1 million

social media followers


Current monthly gross reach: 81m.
Not included: +30m Facebook Á Youtube reach
Status: 05/2021; Source: IVW

Monthly net reach in Germany, current and record
Age: 16+
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts

Monthly net reach in Germany without overlap, current and record
Alter: 16+; ohne Apps
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts

Monthly net reach global without overlap, current and record
Status: 05/2021; Source: Google Analytics

Current Facebook Fans and Twitter Follower
Status: 05/2021; Source: Facebook Insights, Twitter.

Gender distribution on our websites
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts.

Household net income on our websites
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts.

Age distribution on our websites
Average Age Motorsport-Total.com: 47,1
Average Age Formel1.de: 44,7
Average Age Motor1.com Deutschland: 46,5
Average Age all AGOF-surveyed sites: 46,4
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts.

Education status of users on our websites
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts.

Personal net income of users of our websites
Status: 03/2021; Source: AGOF digital-facts.


At Motorsport Network, we have a digital first, multi-touch approach to interact with our audience through their motorsport and automotive journeys.

Our digital presence enables us to reach a wide and diverse set of users, feeding up to date information in a unique and informative way; building a strong and loyal community.


We not only provide both digital and print solutions, we also facilitate a full 360 bespoke service that can bring your vision & ideas into reality.

Whether that involves creating custom content, scoping and producing high quality videos through to creating large scale events, we have the internals expertise to make this happen.


If it's just the distribution you need help with however, you can have access to our full range of marketing channels:

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Here at Motorsport Network we provide:


Hours of on
demand video in
our library


Live events
streamed annually


Different race
series covered

Where can the videos be viewed?

Our very own pureplay video platform

Our flagship properties bring the latest news and editorial content to over 61m users monthly.

Types of video inventory:





Spread over 114 profiles globally, we have combined reach of over 9m users across both Racing & Automotive sectors.

30 days worth of data on Motorsport Network


Motorsport Network covers 13 podcast channels, reaching over 550,000 loyal/monthly listeners. Topics ranging from all parts of the Motorsport & Automotive area.

Motorsport.com Podcast

The Motorsport.com Podcast Bringing you the best motorsport insight and analysis from our global team of expert journalists.

Autosport Podcast

For fans of Formula 1, Formula E, Sportscars, Touring Cars and Rally. The Autosport Podcast with Alex Kalinauckas is the official podcast of Autosport, the world’s leading authority on motorsport.

Motor1.com U.S. Podcast

Listen to hear John Neff and the Motor1.com U.S. team talk about everything automotive: cars,sportscars, supercars, sedans, SUVs, motorcycles, auto shows and more.

The Motorsport Games Podcast

We talk all things racing games with some of the biggest names in motorsport and best of the best from the virtual world. Whether it’s iRacing, NASCAR Heat or F1 Esports, we are here to discuss everything in the virtual motorsport world.


In addition to your existing marketing strategy, email marketing can provide you instant access to new prospects with 100% deliverability.

Motorsport Network can provide access to compliant B2C & B2B email contacts globally.

All our data is first party which has been acquired over the years using motorsport network brands. Currently we have over 275,000 opt in email addresses.


Why not feature in one of our leading motorsport publications?

Currently Motorsport Network runs two successful publications: Autosport and GPRacing.

Collectively both publications have a readership of over 430,000, a monthly circulation of 91,000 and a global reach across 76 countries. Both publications can be viewed in a physical and digital format.

Formerly known as F1 Racing, the monthly magazine offers its readers incredible access to the sophisticated, passionate and glamorous world of Formula 1. Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing.

  • 50% Professional/Manager/ Director
  • 42% Earn over £75k per year
  • 36% Own two cars or more

The UK's best-sellingweekly motorsport magazine.Since its first issue in 1950, Autosport has set the standards for motorsport journalism around the world in its coverage of everything from Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship to the best of national and club motorsport.

  • 26% Hold a competition license
  • 61% Only ever read Autosport
  • 75% Will attend a live motorsport event this year


Tickets, Travel and Packages

A provider of full end to end motorsport experience solution, this includes:

Bespoke events

Whether you’re looking for a season filled with motorsport events, or a luxury high-end automotive holiday, Motorsport Events can help tailor these requirements, arranging everything from tickets, travel and hospitality.

Bespoke Consumer & Trade Events

With over 31 international shows rolled out annually in both physical and digital formats, we allow brands to access key decision makers within both the motorsport and automotive industries.


Have a question about what you have seen or want to know more about how Motorsport Network help you drop us an email and we will get in touch: Contacts